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Taking B-vitamins individually?

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hi, I heard from numerous people that b-complex broke them out or increased their sebum. And some of them said it's because of the biotin. I really wanted to take b-complex (B50) for my mild acne, or basically just for the general health of my skin & hair. But Im so scared to take it coz of biotin...

Now my questions are:

1. Can I just buy individual B-vitamins except for the biotin?

2. Will I get the same effect/results just like taking the B-complex?

3. or the 50mcg of the biotin found in B50 wont have any effect to my skin at all? (considering 50mcg is a small amount?).

Pls help me! Thanks! :)

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well, I've heard that biotin's great for skin and actually increases cell reproduction rates (which is why people use biotin for faster hair-growth) Good luck though, man. Maybe buy the B5 and other B-vitamins individually (which is a better suggestion anyways because you get more effect from taking the vitamins separately)

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I heard the opposite. Biotin is great for skin and people who taken it in up too 2.5 mgs daily had excellent results in acne and red marks. Its also good for the gut lining.

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Actually, many of the B vitamins need each other to activate themselves, and some need specific quantities of the other vitamins to do so. For this reason, it's better to take the "all-in-one" pill, since it has the exact quantities of each vitamin that allows them to interact effectively.

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