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Hyperpigmented after fraxel


I had 3 fraxel-1 sessions for my acne scarring starting from 25MJ to 30MJ. The last treatment

was on 7th-june and its been almost 3 weeks my skin has become discoloured. It looks

brown to me whereas my friends say that it looks red. I have an asian skin of type 5 and

now my cheeks colour is completely diff. from the other parts of my face. I had been using

a dipigmentation soln.(Hyrdoquinine) every alt. night since applying the soln. wud make my

face very red the other day and have stopped using at the moment. I guess i have been

hyperpigmented very badly , the doc. says that i can stop using the hydro. soln. as she cannot

see any hyperpigmentation. I guess she told me this because she knew that i was returning

back to my home country(india) and wont be coming back for sure.

Can anybody please suggest whether i should again continue using the hydro. soln. Will this

pigmentation(redness) fade away with time and as to what time frame i should be looking at.

My skin texture has turned from bad to worse and my scars have widened after fraxel. I guess

going fro fraxel was the worst decision of my life. After having paid such a hefty amount , hoping

to make things better for me, it has made my face look worse than before and above that

the hyperpigmentation that i am suffering from. Also what are the chances of the skin getting

hypopigmentated from hyperpigmentation. Will the prologned use of the hydroquinine+retinol

soln. to treat hyperpigmentation carry a risk of getting hypopigmentation in the future? Would

appre. if someone can advise me out here, as i know longer have faith on my doc. who it

seems are just there to make money.

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Question to the original poster:

Did you stay indoors or go outside after each treatment, w/o sunblock?

Hydroquinone(sp) can irritate your skin and cause redness or temporarily make it rough in texture. I stopped using the hydroquinone and my skin looked better.

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Well yes i did go out after my 3rd treatment W/O a sunblock, and as it is it is winter out here

and was out only for a cpl. of minutes. Hydroqu. does make my skin red in the morning

and the texture has also become bad. Thats why i stopped applying it. But now after 20 days

my skin has become bronze in colour , so there is a lot of mismatch in the colour where the

fraxel was done with the rest of the face.Anysuggestions whether i should continue using


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I'm asian and never really had good results with Hyrdoquinine. It seems that all it does is "burn" my hyperpigmentated scars even more.

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