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check out my acne please! *pics

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I get very depressed about my face thinking it is gross and people will not like me for it (love interests etc.). As you can see i look ok in some pictures but terrible in the others.

My Regimen is as follows.

Since Feb -

Minocycline twice daily 100mg

Morning - wash with cetaphil apply spectrogel 2.5% bp

- mosturize with cetaphil mosturizer ( a bit not too much)

Night - wash with cetaphil and apply spectrogel 2.5% bp then again mosturize

about a month ago i added steivamycin back to my regimen but it doesn't seem to be helping (i had been using it off and on between sept - feb)

I'm also in my 3rd day of using Neutrogena Healthy Face Skin Lotion on my forehead only. Should i continue this or stop it? My skin seems to be progressively a bit worse each day which is troublesome. I have seen a derm (last visit was nov.) and am scheduled to go july 24th.

It's really depressing, can anyone give me any pointers or anything to help?





front 1






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Wow, your skin looks really good! I don't really see why you would be getting to worked up over it! If you do want to get 100% clear skin, I would try Dan Kern's Regimen.

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I can really relate to your situation; my acne is very similars to yours. I hate it when people say that it's not that bad; i mean granted it's not that bad when compared to some people, but to me it is! So ya i'm in the same boat. I just started Minocycline about 2 weeks ago as well as Nicomide, and they seem to be kind of working. I also went off all cleansers completely and am just using water, and submerging my face in hot water twice a day, and it's working well for me. I'm also taking the Apple Cider Vinegar. I've only been doing this for a couple weeks now, but I'm seeing slight progress already.

My derm. was the one that suggested me go off all cleansers because it can irritate the skin even more, and i read about the Apple Cider Vinegar on this site. This has really been helping to control the oil, cuz i used to have extremely oily skin; now it's much better, and only after a couple weeks! You should check it out it's got very good success rates.

You'll find something that works for you; everyone is different, and it just takes time to find that one regime that best suits you.

Good luck and hope you find what works for you!

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I hate when people tell me my acne doesnt look that bad either! My parents always do that. I would rather have them say it looks terrible than it looks fine. It doesnt look fine! Having moderate acne to me does not look fine! Having mild acne or no acne would be fine!

Youre acne looks fine by the way :lol: No, it looks like you have quite a bit of redness on your cheeks and your forehead. I agree you might want to try dans regimen www.danielkern.com

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Yeah, your skin does look like it's red. I didn't want to say 'fine', but compared to my terrible skin, I wouldn't be complaining! Okay, so that sounded mean. I do think the DKR could help you out. Why not give it a try?

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