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2-3 weeks in,redness,slight improvement,?'s

hey everybody, i started the regimen about 2-3 weeks ago. i can say i've seen a slight improvement, but there is a lot of redness. Between cleanser and bp and bp and moisterizer,i experience dryness and flakiness. i am only 15 an have developed mild acne over the past year.

my products are as followed.

1. Timewise mild cleansing bar (Mary Kay)

2.Mary kay 5% bp

3.Velocity moisturizer(mary kay)

Should i switch to 2.5 % bp?

SHould i change the products that i am using? :think:

I had hoped to see a bigger imrovemnt right now but maybe my hopes were high, like a lot of people.

Now that summer is hear i want to look sharp but it is hard to go out in public or even hang out with your friends, whenyou know they all have clear faces, and your the one stuck with the acne. :redface:

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I would try ordering some of Dan's 2.5% BP gel and see if that helps. I know that BP made me red no matter what I did, and after I had my acne under control I slowly reduced my dosage to achieve less red skin while still being acne free. Keep on persevering =).

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My mom sells marykay and I started treating my acne with all of the different MK products and they didn't work too well for me... although I wasn't using near enough BP. I don't know if your mom sells it but considering its all Mary Kay theres a good chance. Anyways I would say try to use Dan's stuff if at all possible. At least the BP cuz I found that cream didn't absorb too well and would leave bp that would slough off for half an hour or so. Also that moisturizer is not really moisturizing enough for me. Try to use the Enriched (I think its enriched) its the moisturizer for dry skin... its way more moisturizing.

Hope it helps,


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