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I think im allergic to milk

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Ive suffered from acne for several years, im now 20 and my acne is at its worse its ever been. I was on the DKR for about 2 years but decided to stop around the start of september 2006 as it was becoming less and less effective at dealing with my acne. Using the BP for so long, i seriously think it has weakened my skin in the long term, when im out in the sun, only the bottom half of my face goes red, where i used to apply the BP. Since i quit, i have tried numerous different "acne cures" such as ACV, spot creams, vitamins, and even just leaving my skin to its own device.

At the moment im suffering from severe acne, i get cysts and have numerous spots all over my face all the time. When i was a child i was allergic to milk, i used to get a dry scalp, eczema, and asthma as a result of drinking milk. I was speaking to my dad last night and he suggested that this could be the cause of my acne now. Intriged, i searched the internet and have found numerous sources that link milk to acne, especially if someone used to suffer from an allergy when they are a small child. Since i started going to the gym a year and a half ago, i have been taking whey protein before and after every session. I have gradually got more serious about the gym and now go 5 days a week, which amounts to quite alot of whey protein. This type of protein is made from milk, and when i got thinking about it, my acne only started to get really serious after i started taking this a year and a half ago. This is the only thing in my diet that hasnt changed in that time. I never thought it could be a contributor to acne, but i now think i might have been wrong.

Im going to cut out milk products from my diet and see if there is an imrovement. I really think i might be on to something with this.

Now for a question, is there anyone who has had a similar experience with milk? Are you allergic? Does it cause you to break out?

Please tell.

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