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Hey...I dont really know how to start this so it may sound a bit jumbled. Basially...I know I hit puberty late...and Im wondering what you guys think it has to do with my acne. I know some kids who started to get acne in middle school but I didnt even get my first pimple till I was about 17. I also grew about 10 inches from when i was 16-17(almost 18 now). Anyway what im getting at is how long do you think my acne will naturally last. Ive really just started to have it come in worse...but at the same time i started treatment with a derm. When I first went to my derm I only had acne on my face and since 4 months have passed ive started to get it on my chest and back too. Also, my facial hair has started to come in thicker to the point where its almost all in and I can kind of have a beard. Im just wondering if anyone knows at what age my acne should die down around. I know kids who got hit with it when they were 13 and it ended when they were 16. Im embarrassed because im going to college and all these kids I see are allready through with that stage of adolescence. (I know some people have bad skin into adulthood but im talking about MOST kids) ANYWAY...I know most of you will say "its different for everyone" but Im hoping someone knows a generalized answer.

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you want the blunt truth ? it might be faded to very mild in 2-3 years or you could be like me and hit the age of 25 and still have several inflammed whiteheads every few weeks

i wish bad skin was just "a phase that you go through" because i could be another one of those poreless unblemished wonders you see around everywhere in public

all i can say to you is:

eat healthy

lots of water

no juices/coffee

minimize stress

lots of sleep

lots of regular sleep

FISH OIL, lots of it

a lot of people's acne is caused by excess thick oil production on their face causing clogged inflammed pores leading to whiteheads by the end of the day

i followed the guidelines above and reduced my oil 80%+ and guess what? my trouble spots forehead + temples are pretty much clear except for some roughness and redmarks from previous BP use (biggest skin mistake of my life touching it)

there are cultures in the world where people entering puberty show no signs of acne so the derm community can't always be spouting out "IT'S TEH HORMONEZ STUPID"

as for facial hair i say LET IT GROW, who the hell wants to be sitting in front of the mirroc constantly shaving away a little fuzz and being left with shaving whiteheads/bumps, thick beard RAWR

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yeah i actually just shaved and i look much better with scruff anyhow...especially since it hides almost ALL my remarks ( i only get acne where my hair grows in) with the exception of my nose...i never have any acne on my forehead...although it can get kind of oily. Anyway...I do eat healthy...I don't drink anything but water...I hate junk food...I haven't ordered from a fast food restaurant's all year...and I eat tuna (and other seafood) often. coffee? yuck!...yeah food def isn't my problem. and I dont have acne on my nose as much as i have a sick amount of blackheads(every single pore)...well...prom is tomorrow and i look gross. YAY.

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Ya im one of the kids that hit puberty at age 12, and my acne has continued for about 2 years now. I'm trying a bunch of different topical medications, NONE of which will totally take care of acne. I am seeing a doctor for the first time tomorrow, and I hope to be done with acne.

Good luck and take care.

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