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Our Smoothbeam Experience - questions


Newbie here, although I've been lurking. I am actually typing this for my wife, who just went to her first Smoothbeam visit today. We went to Del Henderson at the Derm Assocciates of Atlanta, Ga.

My wife has some minor scars from some cysts and constant outbreaks over the past 8 years. She is 25 years old now.

The procedure went well, and she endured it without the numbing topical. She said it mildly hurt, and took about 5 minutes. I looked at the machine and noticed it said "14". I didn't notice the final zap counts though. Maybe 2-300?

She got up and doesn't appear red or blistery at all. In fact, it's hardly noticable. Is this normal? Did they do enough to her to be effective?

Also, the doctor asked that we get a few medications, differin for night use and benzaclin for morning use. Both are topicals. He also suggested an oral antibiotic, but my wife refused.

He even went on to suggest we combine the treatment with Clearlight.

My question is, isn't Smoothbeam supposed to eliminate the need for all that other stuff? We're certainly paying like it should.

BTW, I know there is an existing thread for this, but it has gotten so large I wanted to start a separate one.


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From the posts that I have read on this board, most people say that it hurts them, but it doesn't hurt much for others. Some people get red and/or blister and others do not. Everyone's skin is different, and many have opinions on what is "normal". 14 is a high setting, from what I have read though.

Did this Dr. suggest Clearlight before she had SmoothBeam? If not, then I'd be a little suspect of why. SmoothBeam may work for your wife, or she might need further SmoothBeam or other treatments in addition to SmoothBeam. Did this Dr. say that all she'd need was SmoothBeam? If he did, then I don't understand why he suggested Clearlight in addition.

Just as an fyi, we like to keep all the information possible in one thread, this way it's easier to find than a whole bunch of different threads.

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