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Tims...Free And Easy Thread

I have had acne since the age of 16, i am now 19 and the hope of just "growing out of it naturally" is slowly dissapearing. It seems i have had acne for ever, even when it dies down a bit and it seems my troubles are over, it decides to come back and bite me in the ass. I am one of those people who was popular at school, had a lot of friends and enjoyed life very much, but now most of that is gone and my life revolves around acne, not going out, avoiding people, worrying about what i eat, and just feel very depressed, constantly.

I was using benzoyl peroxide religiously for about 2 years up to about 3 months ago. Since i stopped using it, the overall condition of my skin has improved, but i get more outbreaks at random times. To cut a long story short i am very tired and i want my life back. I have decided to go down the route of a detox. I will eat nothing but fruit and veggies for a period of 3 weeks, and will absolutely stick to it 100% with no shortcuts. I am going to exercise twice daily and drink plenty of water and see what kind of results i get.

I hope that using this as a diary it will help me stick to my plan and document any progress

I will update reguarly and inform of my progress.

Heres a pic of me when my skin was in semi good condition, believe me my skin is alot worse now. I will post a picture tommorow with the current state of my acne, and will update reguarly.



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