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Redness and Blemish Control from Purple Emu

Hi all,

Have any of you tried Redness and Blemish control - http://www.purpleemu.com/store/arlite.html?

It is made from only natural ingrediants. was talking to a few people on Irish messageboards and they raved about it. It makes things worse for a few days, as seemingly it draws the infection out, but the results are supposed to be amazing.

Im fairly sceptical but having started using it anyway. sure enough, things have gotten a little worse since i only started moving up to twice a day on friday.

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Yes I have used it and it seems to help.

The first time I used it was after using the expensive Glaxo product with some success.

I found Purple Emu and used theire acne version. At first if was very drying but after 2 weeks it seemed to be working. Then they came out with the AR lite which is the Redness and Blemsih control if I recall. It also seemed to work equally well but was not as strong.

When I started using it I have blushing on the cheeks and a spot on the forehead. After using it the forehead blotch went away and has never returned and only one cheek has the blush since I have not used it in a while.

The 2 oz is the best value since it does go a long way. However it still can be $75 for that size.

Whether it is the emu oil or maybe just the sulpher in the product, I do not know. But it does reduce it and keep it under control.

It did nto make me break out further either.

After I ran out it was fine for a whle but then started to return. I found a product in my supermarket called Prosacea which also had sulpher as the active ingrediant.

So far I am not sure if it is as effective. I did not use it daily as I did with the AandB Control.

My skin seems to go through cyles and I never know if I am having a episode do to a diet issue, trigger food or just body changes.

What I do notice is that both seem to help keep it from getting worse. I think the Purple Emu product worked a little better at reducing it to almost not noticable.

You reallyneed to stop it from getting to the vein stage. If you do these products seem to be some help.

I hvae ordered mine from http://www.ddemuoil.com/item33089.ctlg which seems to have the best price on the net for the 2 oz.

But if I recall the Prosacea was less per ounce.

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