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I just realized I had Rosacea

Well, to make it short.

I had perfect skin from age 18-20, when I started developing acne here and there, and then boom, I thought I had developed severe acne, so I went accutane. (60 mg/day 160Lbs)

Unfortunately, redness began. I stopped acctuane after two months, actually Ipledge stopped me due to my prescription mess up, but either way, I just decided to call it quits because I was experiencing insane side effects (which I still do today, the dry eyes are still very bothersome)

Amazingly, the acne began to dissapear in fast fashion, and although I had a breakout here and there, I did not mind it as I no longer had severe acne, but what bothered me was this red face that I had, but I thought it was an accutane side effect that would go away, hence I waited.

Here I am 1 and 1/2 years since quitting accutane (stopped March 2006) and I am as red as ever. Then I accidentally clicked on this forum and whaddaya know? the pictures of the symptoms look exactly... like me.

Im pretty sure accutane caused it, so sigh...what am I supposed to do now.. to make matters worse I just came to Korea as an exchange student for a year, so... the products here, im quite unfamiliar with....


Wake up in the morning, face is in perfect tone.

Throughout the day it gets red, red, redder, reddest.

Sleep, it gets to normal.

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I'm kinda like that... all morning/late night my face is pale. After noon it can start flushing and goes awaywithin half an hour.. but it's no longer pale 'til i sleep. I take it your redness is a form of flushing?

The best treatment for redness or flushing is IPL I'd say. Anyone here would tell you to get it done by an experienced doc. Try Finacea cream - helps reduce both redness and acne. They might have it in Korea.. I dunno. Use sunblock, stay out of the sun, don't drink hot drinks, use mild face products, etc. Just avoid your triggers as best you can. That's what I'm doing 'til around december when i can get IPL done.

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