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Why does BP clear my persistent blackheads all the time?

Ok first off I have very persistent blackheads on my nose and my nose alone. Nothing ever works with my blackheads! SA, retinoids, aspirin, nothing! BUT whenever I apply BP on my nose even the lowest strength (2.5%) it clears up my persistent blackheads for just around a week!! I tried it twice, 1st it worked and cleared it up in about a week. I stopped it to see if it is really the BP doing the job, the blackheads returned to what it used to be. Then the 2nd time, it cleared it up again!! So right now Im quite confident to say that it is really the BP that's doing the job. :)

Now my question is, P. acnes doesn't have anything to do with blackheads right? Then why the heck BP works? BP's job is to kill the bacterias! lol. One thing I can think of is I think it's because the BP dries up my nose pretty much. I used to have oily nose and BP prevents it from doing that (?). Are there any other reasons why BP works? oh and should I still continue using this eventhough I dont have a bacteria problem?

Your replies would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! :)

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I don't understand why so many people still believe that the way BP works is by providing oxygen to the bacteria and killing it....

Even some manufacturers of BP think that. BP breaks down to benzoic acid and oxygen on the skin. It is the benzoic acid that acts just like salicylic acid etc... to exfoliate your pores.

If all it did was kill bacteria then you'd still get clogged pores and still get bumps.. though they just wouldn't get infected.

The oxygen is merely a byproduct only effective at killing them in a sterile environment of an agar plate in a lab.

BP is a peeling agent basically.

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Wow that is interesting. Didn't know that.

Although Im still quite unsure what clears up my blackheads. Coz if it was the BP's peeling agent that's clearing me up, then Im sure it would've worked 10x more with the SA and retinoids that I've previously used.

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