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your regimen whilst on Accutane?

What are you doing as your regimen whilst on Accutane?

Mine is..

simple SKIN DEFENCE Daily Moisturiser (I use this most days, sometimes not on Saturday/Sunday when I don't have to go out)

simple SKIN DEFENCE Triple Action Face Wash (I use this once a week, on Monday)

I shower every day but don't use anything in the shower apart from the simple SKIN DEFENCE Triple Action Face Wash on Monday. My skin is ultra-sensitive at the moment due to the Roaccutane, which I take 60mg of each day.

I also masturbate only once per week.. I have experimented with the effects of masturbation on acne a lot in the past and found it does cause some acne. So I try to avoid it to an extent.

The only other thing I do is drink about 2 pints of water per day.

Edit: I also take 45mg Zinc every day and 2g Vitamin C. My derm said this was okay to take with Accutane, and it seems to help old acne to heal faster.

How about you guys?

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I wash my face with whatever soap is in the soap dish. :-s

Rinse with Warm Water for about 30 seconds.

Then Cold Water for 30 seconds.

Wait 1 minute, then apply St. Ives Aloe Vera Lotion

Then Chapstick.

I do this in the morning, after workout, and at night.

Face Status: This regimen has helped me...no longer get acne, just red marks remain. Aloe Vera has helped decrease the visability of the redmarks though.

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