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hey guys.. im currently dealing with some acne but mostly acne scars (keloids - they are quite severe)..i can cover the scars with my hair -unless the wind blows or i gotta tie my hair up-which i avoid .... and im trying to build up my confidence level about my acne scars...

unfortch i get extremely self conscious and im constantly worrying about someone noticing my scars and asking me "ewww whats that on your face?".. soooo i wanted to get some feedback from you guys.. what would a CONFIDENT person reply to something like that?

i know there are lots of confident people out there with acne and scars and i just wonder how they would reply if someone asked them "what is that on your face?" or if someone was rude to them bc of their acne or scars..

what do you guys think?

so basically in a nutshell im asking how do you deal with someone pointing out your acne or scarring and play it confident.. what do you say to appear confident and make it seem like they didnt offend you?..

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Simply tell them the truth. You can't lie about something like that. Tell them the truth and do it with a smile :D

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You know, I put this answer on another post. But I find that I just try to embrace my scars. They are a part of who I am now. The are my "battle scars" from something I went through in my life. Nobody ever asks me about them. I think a lot about my stepbrother when I start worrying about my scars and my acne. He has a face full of acne, and some cysts, and yeah I notice it when he first comes in the door. But after that, I honestly don't notice it anymore. At all. My boss has a growth on her eyelid, that is very similar to a keloid. Obviously that's a place where people look right? I noticed it at first, but I never do anymore. At all.

So I think we have to get to a place where we can realize that people will notice, at first, but then also realize that most people won't be focusing on them like we do! They are seeing us, as people, not our scars. I'd be very honest with people if they ask, but nobody ever has.

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