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I used to watch EVERYTHING i ate, now im gonna loosen up my eating habits a bit and eat a more variety of foods, because at times i think to myself, why should i starve myself and deprive myself of all the foods in the WORLD! Its so frustrating. When i mean "loosen" up my eating habits, i dont mean im gonna eat anything, i will continue to avoid dairy products and sugary foods, but i will eat meat (fish and chicken more frequently), eat bread a few times a week. You need to enjoy life, the more variety you get the better it is for the body, different foods contain different vitamins. Ive never taken supplements and dont intend to, because i prefer to get the essentials vitamins i need from FOODS!

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OP you have the same attitude i had from ~ age 16-24, trying to stay away from processed food, training/exercising frequently and getting decent sleep

and i thought that would make my acne go away by my early 20's

and it didn't, if anything it went from mild to moderate

so i discovered this site and this forum and realized how much i was destroying my body with just the wrong whole food choices (eg. too much grains + cooking oils)

i wish i made this revelation back at age 18 or something but better late than never

and some vitamins are very hard to get from an anti-acne diet, like vitamin E

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breakfast, lunch, dinner and a post-workout drink along with some fruit as snacks

i would do more but it's hard to eat every 2-3 hours when i have a job where i have to sit in a lab for hours on my ass concentrating on an experiment

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