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Beta Hydroxy Acids and Wrinkles

Well currently I am using Beta Hydroxy Acid (Paulas Choice) for clogged pores, but I read an article that said you are more likely to get wrinkles in the future if use these products. Is this true? What are your thoughts? I dont want to get wrinkles so soon.

Here is the article...

The dangers of excessive skin exfoliation:

"Less wrinkles today could mean more wrinkles tomorrow

Main benefits of alpha hydroxy acids come from their ability to exfoliate skin. Removal of the outermost layer of the skin stimulates the cells in lower layers to grow and divide, causing the skin to thicken and thus diminishing visible signs of aging. The more you exfoliate the more cell divisions will occur in the lower skin layers. There is one problem though. Normal human cells cannot divide indefinitely. Fibroblasts (a key type of cells in the skin) would divide about fifty times and then enter a so-called stage of senescence. This limit of about fifty cell divisions is called the Hayflick limit (after its discoverer, Dr. Leonard Hayflick). This is a state in which the cell is sluggish, inefficient, unresponsive to various signals from the body and unable to divide. Skin with many senescent cells is usually fragile blotchy and easily wrinkled.

Exfoliation remains a valuable cosmetic tool but if you overuse it, your skin may "hit the Hayflick limit" earlier than it should. In recent years, researchers have discovered the molecular mechanism of the Hayflick limit. (It has to do with the areas at the tips of chromosomes called telomeres). Medical technologies to eliminate the Hayflick limit may appear in a reasonably near future. These technologies are likely to work only for those cells whose Hayflick limit has not yet been reached. "

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That applied to cell cultures in vitro, not cells on a human or animal body. It's a totally different environment on the human body. Imagine how many times an older person's (say 80) skin has exfoliated and replaced itself over the years, and when they start using a retinoid, their skin becomes less wrinkly....

So I wouldn't worry about it.

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