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Calling computer/photo journal buffs!

Hope someone on this board can advise/help me.

I want to start putting a photo journal together. I think it would be especially useful for those interested in TCA Cross for me to share some of the gruesome bits..

Basically, I want 4 columns

Column 1 - right side b4 scar revision

Column 2 - right side after scar revision

Column 3 - left side b4 scar revision

Column 4 - left side after scar revision

Under each photo I want to be able to document information/date etc..

I only understand JPegs ... I'm no good on a computer. Help please!

Thanks a lot!!


P.S. That TCA Cross document only shows the b/4 and after pics - I think it's important to see the whole process

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Maya - Where do you plan on putting this journal up? On a Free Web Host? If so, you might want to search "free web host" and check out the different options available to you. Once you find one, it's likely to walk you through the process of setting it up.

The other thing would be to look into something like Live Journal. I don't think this is free, but it might not be too expensive.

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Just some quick info on Live Journal:

I have to pay to use LiveJournal?

No, of course not. Paying for web services is annoying, we agree. That's why nearly all of LiveJournal's functionality is available free of charge. However, if you're happy with the service you're being provided, show your support and get a paid account.

It takes money to run websites (for servers, colocation, and bandwidth), and this seems like a better way to pay for it than blasting you with pop-up banner ads and spamming you with advertisements.

Well, how much does it cost?

The rates are as follows:

Time Amount

12 months $25.00 US

6 months $15.00 US

2 months $5.00 US

That works out to a little over $2/month for the year plan. That'll hardly break your pocketbook. The most annoying part will likely be pulling out your wallet, finding your credit card, and typing in your information

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Are you on AOL?

Good heavens no! I'm actually not a fan of AOL since their service double charged me and then wouldn't refund the extra charges (the first card I put in supposedly didn't take, but apparently it did as I discovered after I cancelled what I assumed was my one and only account).

No, we have our service through Verizon and I love it! The customer service people are so good there that I actually changed our long distance and internet service to them even though the long distance isn't the cheapest. I guess I'm still in that, what is it? 1% that believes in customer loyalty........

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Believe me I have had my ups and downs with AOL over the years. Things improved when we switched to DSL, but I hate calling them with a problem, nobody ever seems to know what is going on.

My cell is with Verizon and I have been very happy with the service they provide. I wasn't even aware they offered internet. Is it highspeed? I am just so spoiled by the AOL format and email I would have a hard time changing.

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Verizon has awesome DSL...I'm not sure if they offer it in your area though and you definitely get a better deal if your phone service is with them as well ($29.95 as opposed to $39.99/$49.99).

But still, I never use the email account that comes with the service (prefer my yahoo one smile.gif ) and I don't think you get things like the AOL journal with the service, so it would probably be a hard switch. Esp. if you use that account for business purposes as well.

Have a great weekend!

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