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Hell's wrong with my face? (w/ pics)

Okay, so I've been suffering from acne for about 2-3 years now, and lately it's just been getting worse. No matter what kind of crap I try or what kinda of regmine I use, nothing works, and it just keeps coming back.

I love reading the threads on this site about people posting about how their skin sucks, then you open the thread and you look at their pictures and you just go "damn, I wish I had that skin :/"


Here're some pictures of my face, it's pretty disgusting so you might not click 'em. I know I probably don't have the worst acne, but yeah...









Anyone have an ideas on what I should do now? I've been to my doctor and such, but they've only given me several different types of prescription creams, none of which do anything at all except make my face unbelievably greasy.

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It looks like you have some deep seated cysts. :( If your docs have given you many different creams and so forth AND you've used them as directed for more than three months without effect, you need another alternative. At this point you could ask for antibiotics both topical AND internal. If you go that route, be sure to use probiotics, too.

If the antibiotics fail after two month's use, then it might be time for Accutane.

Oh, since Benzoyl Peroxide has helped clear many who have cystic acne, you might try the Daniel Kern regimen. If you can find a 2.5% BP and you don't like to order online, you can just follow the instructions on this site for the regimen. It has cleared MANY who had cystic acne like yours, by their descriptions.

Ok, a few more suggestions:

Treat your skin gently. No scrubbing! Acne isn't caused by dirt nor by poor personal hygiene.

Wash only twice a day with a gentle or sensitive skin cleanser, NOT one for oily skin nor for acne-prone skin. Acne prone skin IS sensitive skin and should be treated as sensitive skin.

Wash with warm, not hot water. Hot water irritates the skin.

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have you tried the dip and ACV regime. my acne was never that serious but using this regime for abit over a week my acne went from moderate to very mild. i actually think i will have none in another few days.

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