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Roaccutane Dryness

Does it improve as you go through your course??

my dryness suddenly started yesterday and it's driving me insane.

i'm only on day 14 and the thought that i have to deal with this super itchy dryness and extreme flaking for the next 4 months makes me want to bang my head against the wall.

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Mine came without warning as well. I've been using thicker moisturizer, but it just sucks that up and then with my mineral makeup, it makes my skin a whole different texture and not a good one. I think it eases up in the middle of the course. That's what happened when I was on it the first time. Just like the other side effects I believe it goes away. I'm trying to drink lot's more water and eating lot's of fruit and veggies. And adding olive oil to your diet will help as well. Good luck!

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mine is here too on week 3, i have lovely peeling arms, chest and shoulders, lips, nose, scalp and around the IB spots i am sooooo attractive!!! I knew it was going to happen but it does happen quick

one good thing... no more oily face every day!

my derm told me to use Neutrogena skin care products, its for extra dry skin and its really nice - but not on your face, it makes it really shiny and horrid

I am using Cidal soap to wash with and aloe vera gel - one is a pure one (for night time)from Holland and Barrett, the other has SPF 15 in it and from Body shop, its nice but expensive (for day time) and it is the only thing that doesn't sting my face.

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