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So I'm 19 and my acne had been getting worse and worse. Recently I went to my doc (not a dermatologist) and she said I had Acne Rosacea. Now I think it's Acne vulgaris from reading articles on this site. What are your opinions?

She prescribed Duac for the morning, Differin when I go to bed, and also gave me some samples of Benvoxyl 8 creamy face wash. I'm also taking oral doxycycline 100mg twice a day.

My regimen is now wake up (around 12-1 pm, it's summer!), wash my face with Benvoyxl, towel pat dry, and apply Duac and take my pill. Because my skin is ridiculously oily I usually end up washing it during the afternoon around 6 when I shower and apply Benzaclin onto acne prone areas since the doctor also gave me a giant amount. Then at night before I go to bed (1 am-ish) I was again with Benvoxyl and apply Differin and take my pill. I know we shouldn't be washing our face more than twice a day but I can't help it, and my skin isn't dry.

Being that Duac and Benza has BP, would that irritate my rosacea?

How likely is it that sunscreen (Neutrogena Ultrasheer Dry-Touch), though it's non-comedogenic, will still clog my pores?

Should I stop washing my face 3x a day, or stop using Benzaclin after?

Are there any additional supplements I should take? Fish oil, zinc, etc?

The postules always seem to turn dark brown or blackish, is this because I haven't been wearing sunscreen before?

What would you reccomend for the brown acne scars? Would apple vinegar work?

My insurance recently expired so I couldn't go to a dermatologist without paying an arm and a leg. Thanks for all your help! And sorry its so long.

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