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doctors are dumb

I've just come back from my doctor who i went to see hoping he could prescribe something or atleast suggest something to help my red marks fade.... and do you know what his advice was???

Go out and get plenty of sunshine on your face to help fade them!!!

Isn't that just about the worst thing you could ever do for red marks? Also (probably the best part) i'm taking tetracycline! as i'm sure most of you know, this is likely to make you more sensitive to the sun.

There's no real point to this post other than to say it just restores my belief that doctors are f*king useless and they just make up any old crap to get you out of the door, so if there are any of you here who are perhaps a little young or gullible - please don't believe everything your doctor says, try doing a little of your own research. A dermatologist i would listen to, put a GP - forget it!

just needed to let that out.....

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That's strange cos my derm told me never to step out into the sunshine without sunblock even if we have clear skin and avoid sunlight as much as possible. I think what your doctor means is that by tanning, it will help hide the red marks more or maybe turn those red marks brown. But that is a wrong way to treat red marks. If your redmarks turn brown, I suggest using hydroquinone. It works good for hyperpigmentation. My red marks always seem to turn brown very quickly, maybe because I am chinese. I don't know about you though.........

And oh yeah, make sure you apply sunblock, cos it helps red marks because it blocks out sunlight that causes more melanin production that makes red marks darker.

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Not really lol

i take tetracycline as lymecycline, sun light is good for your skin as long as you wear SPF to protect against lymecycline induced sun sensitivity


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