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self tanner for face

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I could really use some advice. I have been wondering if anyone else here uses self tanner to cover up red marks on their face and if it caused any problems for them regarding their acne or if it actuallly even worked to cover them up. I really am sick of having to put on a whole face of makeup everytime I want to leave my house especailly in the summer heat, and it would be nice to enjoy a makeup free summer since my acne is pretty much cleared up right now and it is just all these red spots (which tend to look just as bad as acne) that I want to cover up. I am just scared to put anything on myface because I cleared my acne pretty much through the natural route of not using any harsh scrubs or soaps on my face (I only use a little bit of dove soap to get my makeup off but if I am not wearing makeup I wont use anything but water.) But then again my makeup dosen't really bother my face so maybe self tanner wouldnt either. So I guess my questions are,

1. Which self tanner would be best for the face?

2. Has anyone had any experience in breaking out from self tanners

3. Do they actually cover up red marks??

and finally 4. Will it look natural, or will it go all weird around the hair line?

Thanks for any advice!!! :angel:

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There's a coworker at work who uses Bath and Body Work's self tanner. I only knew she used a self-tanner because suddenly she showed up to work with a gorgeous natural tan, so being the product whore (copyright LionQueen) I am, I asked her what she used since it looked so great. Oh, it's the gradual one that also moisturizes.

I haven't bought it yet, but I am going to. She said she's slightly acne prone, but it doesn't make her break out.

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