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GOD!! I HATE MY DAMN SKIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Im feeling so flustrated and sad. i rang in sick yesterday, and im getting down, it all went wrong when i wore a ton of makeup on sunday out (fathers day i was anxious about that for a week leading up i so didnt wanna go out), and it broke me out the next day, TERRIBLY (damn Mac) ..

and it was looking good for so long, now my skin looks like crap, and i feel like crap. a few months ago i stopped mino and literally the week i stopped, my forehead broke out in tiny tiny bumps (not red or white or anything, not massive, just small bumps) and my whole face felt weird the few days before it broke me out, it was like an inside feeling on my face, i could feel it was going to break out, i knew, my face felt tingly and weird and i knew it was reacting and was going to break out. it did, so i went back to my doc and said i wanted to go back on mino. all was fine.

but then this week and last ive felt really depressed (about a lot of stuff), im not happy, and ive got so much on my mind, and its happened again, my forehead broke out in tiny bumps (and im not even off the mino!) so now im worrying last time wasnt even down to the mino, it was down to stress, and im thinking this time, maybe a mix of stress and the caked on makeup has broke me out. its getting better than it was, but the same tingly feeling happened prior and i knew it would happen, its still feeling weird, im so depressed. my whole body is fine, i only ever have problems with my damn face, i feel like this shit will never end.

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Not only do I hate my skin I also hate my life..I don't have a boyfriend cause people are ashamed of me..I'm no longer attractive people look down on me...My family hates me...sometimes they abuse me cause I provocate them..om If didn't have scars people would feel sorry for me and the narcisstistic me would be happy..but I'm not even attractive enough. I bet people who used to defend me sais that my parents are right cause I'm annoying an airhead and provocating and groose. I guess my bullies are right...

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Calm down. It's only skin! You can see, hear, walk and do whatever you please. Think of those who have it worse.

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