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real maverick

Looking for acne home remedies

Hi guys I'm looking for some cool home remedies for acne.

I want to expand the home remedies page on acne.org. Things like the asprin mask etc, that members have had great success with.

Please share them here.

Many thanks


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As you mentioned, the aspirin mask. I will write it in detail for some and some variations

Aspirin Mask:

Buy the 99c bottle of 100 count aspirin at your local walgreens or cvs, they will come uncoated so they can easily break down. No other type can work, but the uncoated type.

Crush 5 to 6 aspirin in a few drops of water. Be sure to do it a drop at a time, because just one drop over will make it very runny! Once it becomes a fine paste, place it on the area that is infected. It will lessen the redness, and loosen the pores excessively well. It is great for areas which you have plugged pores on. It is also great for redenned skin and acne lesions.

Another variation is mixing it with (link) Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque. It's a sulfur based mask that will really boost the effectiveness, and spread of the Aspirin. Another benefit is that it stops the aspirin from flaking when dry.

Apple Cider Vinegar:

One of the most popular topicals for acne and blemish prone skin is apple cider vinegar. It is very cheap, about a dollar or two for a big bottle, which will last you months. Dilute it in at least 50% water, or even 75% to start. Then simply take a clean cotton ball, dip it into the solution, and dab it along your face. Be sure to keep your eyes closed, and do it after a shower.

If the smell is of a bother, a tip I learned is to apply a bit of lemon juice to it to keep the smell at bay. It will neutralize it and still be effective. It's great for redmarks and acne for those who want to avoid BP or SA.

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Aloe vera gel is a good topical for rosacea and is a good medium to stir things in to make your own topical concoctions. Like topical Saw Palmetto or green tea. I dissolve niacinimide in Aloe. It's made a big difference in my pigment problems. It apparently blocks the melatonin from being transfered to the skin cells, or something like that.

Also, dilute the above mentioned ACV toner with green tea rather than water. It's calming, anti-inflammatory, and anti-androgen.

You can also use the aspirin mask as a scrub.

And baking soda is a good gentle scrub, but it's very alkaline so you need to follow it with the ACV toner.

And I haven't tried this one since my skin isn't oily anymore, but Milk of Magnesia is a good oil absorber. Even Paula Begoun, the CosmeticCop has mentioned it. And she doesn't approve of much that there hasn't been a study on. Aloe is another one of her exceptions.

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People with Rosacea can take Betaine HCl (not the same as the amino acid betaine) as a supplement with meals and it works for some reason.

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