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how to sterilize an electric razor head

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Does anyone know? I have folliculitis and one way to keep it from coming abck is to sterilze my rotary blade razor head, so I got some surgical spirit, but Im not sure if thats the right stuff. Also, tommorow I'm pciking up the special cleaning solution...but does that kill bacteria???

Anyone else do it another way??

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Plain old chlorine bleach diluted 50/50 with plain old water will kill most bacteria. It's my favorite cleaning fluid for the entire house, walls included. :P

If the blade is removable, you can soak it in the 50/50 bleach solution for a bit (a few minutes), take it out and rinse the blade, and dry it to prevent rusting.

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dry air is just as lethal to bacteria and most viruses as bleach. the key is to make sure you rinse the blades well. is it rotary? or screen? i've found rotary better for PFB (pseudofolliculitis barbae).

if you are out to stop PFB, then you need to:

1)moisturize with cetaphil cream (not lotion) 1 hour before shaving. apply generously.

2) shave with a norelco smart touch xl

3) use proper technique: very slow, very small, circular or dabbing motions.

4) rinse the head under hot tap water.

5) unlock the mechanism and take out each cutting head. rinse each screen and cutting head one by one. do NOT mix up the cutting heads. they are precision fitted. this will give you irritation.

6) gently run your finger along the blades when rinsing, make sure all the cut hair get swept away

7) put it back together and place a drop of mineral oil on top of each screen.

8) rinse face by dunking in clean bowl filled with cool tap water. blow bubbles.

9) take a soft paper towel and lay it on your face. gently press it to dry. leave face slightly wet and let it air dry. no rubbing! this leaves some moisturizer on, and the evaporation decreases inflammation.

10) this entire process if done correctly should take an hour. shaving slow and gently is the key. watch tv, a movie, or youtube while shaving. you will get used to shaving by feel instead of using a mirror.

i only get one or two bumps on my neck where i get impatient. shave the cheeks first, they are most sensitive and need your patience the most.

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shaving by feel ? lol i get a crappy enough shave already doing it with a mirror for an hour

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if you can you can try to find that green goo they use at barbershops they should be specially formulated to prevent rusting and what not, if you go with the bleach you only really need it to soak for 30 seconds. Bleach is very effective a killing bacteria that y your body uses the main ingredient in bleach to kill bacteria in your body

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