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Danny J

I was doing so well too, man...

Hey guys.

You know what's fucked? When you think that your skin is clearing up and coming better and you go back to your parents house and your dad says... "Your acne is bad, mate". He tells me this because he goes on to offer to pay for whatever treatment I want to help out with it, but it's still a buzz kill. Nice gesture, wrong approach.

I won't let it get me too down, but it's a bit of a kick in the nuts when you start standing tall again.

Similar stories?

I'm thinking of just diving into accutane. I've had acne for about 8 years now and it's only slightly improved. My acne is moderate. Red marks all over cheeks and probably about 4 or 5 active at a time. Is it worth it?

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Sleepless night, eh?

Actually my ma notices the overall redness (sunburned, almost) and makes more noise about that rather than acne, nevermind the fact that redness will pass but scars won't. But yeah I feel ya with the buzzkill thing. Part of what'd make me feel bad is the fact that I excel at convincing myself of things - so hearing that would create a placebo effect making it worse.

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yeh it sux ay.

i was watchin sum tv, nd ma dad noticed ma face nd he's ' ohh i thought it was supposed to be getting better, what is that on your face?' naww lol, nd ma acne has gotten a whole heap betta. I know he's tryn to help but it comes out all wrong nd sorta hurts >< ha then ma mum is like ' are you usin that stuff for your face?' duh lol ovcourse, who'd want fuckn acne.

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