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i get small red bumps all over my chest and abdomen when i spend time in the sun

Hi, I recently have been having a strange problem which I can't understand at all. I have been spending some time outside at the beach, and when I do I have gotten a large number of small red bumps on my chest and abdomen. They are minor bumps and usually disappear within 3-5 days, but they are very numerous (10-20). I have kept track of them over the last two months of summer and they always pop up a day or two after I spend time in the sun with my shirt off. What confuses me is that they only occur on my chest and abdomen and not on my back, even though the time I spend in the sun is standing up (I am not lying down with my back on the ground and chest exposed, I am walking around and both sides of my body are exposed.

I am curious if anyone knows what this is, at this point I am totally convinced that these bumps are connected to the sun, but they are always on my chest and never on my back, even though both sides are exposed equally. They also disappear fairly quickly which is good, but there are always a very large number of them. I am currently taking duac, differin, and doxycycline. These have been very effective, and my facial area has managed to remain fairly unirritated or dry, so I cannot figure out why I get this problem on my chest when I spend an hour or so shirtless in the sun. If anyone else has had this occur to them I would be thankful for input, thank you.

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Hmm, i'm not sure. maybe someone else can help identify the bumps? However I do have one question: what sunscreen do you wear? do you wear any sun protection?

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