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Oily skin--ANY SOLUTION?

I'm currently on Tretinoin and BP (suggested by a derm), my skin slightly improved, but it's still oily.It would look much better if it wasn't.

I was told that Tretinoin makes your skin less oily, it's been 2.5 months and I haven't seen any improvement yet.Shoul I wait?

Is there anything for oily skin that really works?

Does Tretinoin make your skin less oily or not?What's your experience with Retin A? (I'm using something similar)

Waht proved to be the most effective treatment for oily skin?

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i am told that zinc can be effective but not sure what dosage is recommended, nor how long it takes to work. Proactiv has been good for me...not the regular advertised regimen but they make a daily oil control gel that is great. it does not dry you out, it just absorbs and prevents oil build-up without that thick cloudy layer that some oil control products for oil control do.

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I have the same problem! If I were to take acctune (so my derm says), it would kill my acne (including oil) inside out. I'm only 16 and I'm still growing so he didn't prescribe it to me. I've been using Clindoxyl - morning (5%bp 1%clindamycin) and Differin - night and I havent seen any improvement oil-wise. I have very oily skin... my back get oily and my eyelids too! I guess im looking for the same thing you are.

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The best to stop the oil :

1) accutane , teh nagic bullet ..use it at low dossage

2) nizoral shampoo

3) Tretinoin topical

4) azelaic acid

3) may be topical antiandrogens like flutamide and spironolactone

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Thanks for the replies!

It's just that I've been using topical Tretinoin and it hasn't done anything to stop the oil (by now and it's been 2.5mo), as well as BP, clyndamicin or any other otc product.I was very hopeful about tretinoin esp. because my derm said it would make my skin less oily for sure.

I was wondering if any of you used Tretinoin long enough to see any improvement.

One more thing, are they willing to prescribe accutane just because your skin's extremely oily even if your acne are not that bad?

it's not just my skin, my hair gets really oily too, I wash it like every other day.

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