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My Regimen

I'm new and thought I'd post my new regimen my dermatologist put me on 2 weeks ago.

-Doxycycline twice a day for 30 days


-Cetaphil Cleanser

-Wait 30 min, then pea sized amount of Benzaclin


-Cetaphil Cleanser

-Wait 30 min, then pea sized amount of Retin-A Micro


-SPF 15 sunscreen only when needed (the higher SPF, the more it clogs pores)

-Neutrogena Healthy Skin or Healthy Defense make-up (minerals)

-Cetaphil lotion only for flakiness when adjusting to the new meds.

My type of acne:

-Whiteheads occasionally on forehead

-Whiteheads & blackheads on nose

-Occasional cystic acne on cheeks

It's been only two weeks, but there are not any problems so far. A few of my zits have already been brought to the surface and went away within a day. I can feel some coming to the surface on my nose as well. I'm going to keep with it and hopefully after 10 weeks all my latent acne will have come out and I'll be clear. The doctor also said the Retin-A will renew the skin and remove some scars. I'll post how my results are coming along every so often.

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Thanks :)

It's been three weeks and my skin has already become smoother and more even toned. I haven't had any bad breakouts either. My face has been a little red since I started even though I barely go out in the sun. I stopped using the Retin A micro last night (temporarily b/c I'm getting cool touch this week) and the redness went away within 12 hours. I don't know if the Retin A will always make my face red or if it'll get used to it. Anyway, so far no complaints.

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