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My Acutane Journal

3 Days ago i went to my vet and requested that he put me on accutane, making some grumpy noises, he out of the form and got me signing a bunch of stuff. He also warned me that because i don’t have cystic acne the effects of accutane won’t be long lasting, but if i want accutane than that’s what he’s going to prescribe.

I'm kind of happy because i told him about accutane a while ago and he didn’t seemed to eager to put me on it. I was beginning to think that he was trying to squeeze out money out of me (after all i have been going to the derm since i was 18 and im 20 now.

At any rate, i got my prescription 40mm/day. Thank god my insurance, at the derms office the secretary messed up and told me my coverage exceeded its limit, and he said that the pills would run me like $3000 over the course of my treatment. As it came out i only have to pay $15 for a months supply!

Well before i start my journal, i want to fill you guys in on my acne history. I think i first started getting it when i was around 14/15, it was very moderate and i easily controlled it with a mary kay cream. That stuff worked wonders, and through my first two years of high school i didn’t worry about a thing. As my luck would have it the company stopped making that wonderful product my 2nd year in hs, and that’s where my hell begun. Ever since ive been fighting moderate/high acne breakouts. At first i tried home remedies, than i went to derms and used bp, nothing really worked perfectly. My skin was tight, uncomfortable, red and orange and i felt like crap. Towards the end of my senior year my step mom got me a different mary kay bp cream and face wash combo, and ive been using that ever since. Although it worked pretty good and generally acne was not a concern of mine, it never completely eradicated my problem aside from keeping it on the moderate side. Thank the backne started, at first at the shoulders but than it gradually spread down the back, and most recently some pimples on my chest. This made me throw in my proverbial towel, and here i am today 2nd day of acne treatment.

Week 1.

-Its now my 2nd day of acutane, i don’t feel any effects bad or good just yet. No back pains, no mood swings, and no real change in the state of my acne, i think its going take a bit more, but honestly im a little afraid of the "initial breakout".

*actually I do have a new pimple on the left side of my nostril and it hurts when I touch.

*also i think my skalp is a little itchy, though i've only noticed that after reading the forums, and othe peoples journals, it could be power of suggestion?

*well its day 4 now, still no major side effects, my lips are just a tad bit drier than they usually are and a little flakeyness on my eyebrows, i think im getting some joint paints too, but than aggain i played football throughout highschool and i generally have joint pains. The scalp is doing pretty well too. A quick question to some of your more experienced acutane users, do u use any face wash ?

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