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Hey all... I'm 25, male, and been fighting mild/moderate acne since I was 13 or so. Never went to a dermatologist through my teenage years because there wasn't a lot of internet info out there for acne and my parents just thought it would go away or something. Needless to say it wrecked most of my time in high school and college wasn't a lot better. Acne wasn't as bad in college but I had some severe social-recluse tendencies that I'm only now breaking out of during the past 2 years or so.

I saw a derm two years ago right as I started Proactiv and first started reading this site. He prescribed Duac and said to keep using Proactiv. Neither had any major affect and for the past 18 months I've jumped between diet changes, Dan’s BP regimen, and doing nothing at all. Nothing has really helped control outbreaks, BP irritates my skin, and I really can’t stand no-carb, low-carb, no-sugar, whatever diets. My lifestyle simply doesn’t support restrained eating habits.

I went to another dermatologist today (different one since I moved, mainly) and she was… oh, how to say… possessing of poor patient skills? I’m normally the perfect patient with doctors and am very understanding of what they’re doing, but I left there today pissed off enough to about put my fist through my own car window. I went in basically wanting Accutane and was basically told I couldn’t be prescribed it. My acne isn’t deep-rooted, non-cystic, and I haven’t been through the hoops of advanced topicals and antibiotics yet. So, I was prescribed BenzaClin in the mornings and Tazorac at night and given a sell-spiel on microdermabrasion and other cosmetic (not covered by insurance) methods of speeding of the healing process, or something. I have to admit I kinda tuned her out at this point. I left there on my merry way after a $40 co-pay trying to think about what other derms are in my area and if they’d say anything different than this once.

So, my trip to the dermatologist this time was spurred by some recent outbreaks since March that I’ve been very unhappy with. My skin seems worse than it was in college. The only real thing keeping me going for the past three weeks was knowing I had a derm appointment coming up and could be done with an Accutane course by the end of the year or so. I don’t have that now, and I feel really fucking hopeless. I don’t know how I made it through work without breaking something and getting fired.

So what do I do now? Try the doctor-recommended topicals for two months? Save my money and go to another derm for a second opinion about Accutane chances / possibilities?

Any feedback or comments are appreciated, guys. I think more than anything right now I just need someone to understand, as no one I know in real life does.


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well, i suppose you have a few options. Try Dan's regimen, do what the dr. wants and try topicals or spend another $40 copay hoping a different derm will give you accutane.

if it was me i would give the topicals a try first - BUT if you really hated her bedisde manner that bad then you should just find another dr. anyway. no use making her pockets fatter..especially if she's bitchy.

sorry there's no easy answer for you..acne sucks..we all understand that.

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