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BP once a day with SA taking its other spot!

So Dan is currently doing this and he is developing an SA formula I guess. Im interested in doing it as well. Ive been on the the DKR for a little over a year and 1/2. Im clear but sinse last fall Ive been fighting on and off with little teeny tiny cloged pores on my forehead and nose area. I use AHA and like it but I think I need a change. Im considering Using BP for the day (because that is when my skin gets oiliest and I think needs bacterial fighting from BP) and then SA at night. I ordered a sample of Paula's Choice BHA (same as SA) to test this out. Im kinda scared to do it!

Anyone else have success with a BP and SA combo? I know its not good to use it at the same time and I dont intend to do that.


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It worked out okay for me, but I had an initial break out. The few zits I had that normally stay very small got bigger than usual too. My skin was less dry with Dan's SA, but now I'm using Paula's Choice liquid BHA & it seems almost as drying as BP to me. Maybe her lotion would've been a better choice...it seems easier to apply more of a lotion, as the liquid gets runny & you can't measure a full finger.

I'm only doing it every other day in the morning now cuz I just really seem to need BP for my inflammatory acne, but I also want to give the SA a chance to do its magic on my minor comedal acne & clogged pores.

I do think that my redmarks have improved, but that could just be time also.

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I've had good results so far with Dan's SA, though I'm nearly out of his samples and will be reverting back to BP twice a day until the SA is released. See my gallery if you're interested in the results, and my blog for the products I've been using in this experiment. I've been debating in my head whether to try Paula's BHA products until Dan's is finalized, but meh, BP twice a day was good enough, BP/SA alternating is just a little better, so I think I'll save my skin the trouble of getting used to a whole new product for now.

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