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Well first off I'm new here, so hi guys. :D

I've been using Tazorac since February, and it's done wonders for my face. I've used it before and I stopped for a while because my face had cleared up, big mistake. I would break out but not really bad. I decided to try ProActiv and it damaged my skin really bad> I had never seen my skin in such a bad state. So I started Tazorac and the antibacterial regimen and my face is virtually pimple free, except for a few breakouts which are very very small.

Right now I'm dealing with these blemishes and red marks that just don't seem to go away. They've been on my face since the beginning of this month, and don't seem to budge. Anyone know if with time they will disappear or do I have to add some things in order to help them go away faster?

Thanks in advance.

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It's good to hear that you had good results with tazorac. I had a derm prescribe it to me but I was too afraid to use it. It's very strong stuff. My current derm gave me Differin, which is the most gentle retinoid, and I've also been afraid to use it for fear of irritation or worse breakouts. Do you have any tips for getting started with a retinoid?

Anyway, the marks will fade but it will take months. So don't despair, it hasn't been very long at all for you. The tazorac will actually help speed the process along better than just about anything else. I wouldn't add anything else to your regimen, you might overly irritate your skin. Just let them heal. You should start to see some improvement soon. They say red marks generally fade within 6 months. Brown ones can take longer.

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