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Hey guys.

First and foremost, let's not sugar coat it; acne is ugly. It's a shit skin condition that causes a lot of unnecessary anxiety to the nicest of people. After lurking this forum for a while, I've noticed that most of the people here truely are beautiful people who I would love to kick it with. It makes me wonder if having acne can bring out the best in people after it clears up (I know, scars are ugly too), but it certainly makes people more appreciative of what they have and more sympathetic to others who are struggling. I, personally, know I was one arrogant motherf**ker before I got acne. I'm currently in my 7th year of the struggle and my whole world view has changed dramatically, so much so that I'm trying to obtain work for Amnesty International to defend human rights. Not directly connected with acne, but it is based on the ideology of people not being able to help a situation that they're in.

Anyway, a case in point I'd like to raise to this forum is currently going on in my house. My room-mate is an extremely good looking guy. Clear skin, buff and toned, good humour etc. He recently hooked up with a girl with very moderate acne who he is head over heels with. This is a guy that could get a lot of girls, yet chooses the girl with acne because she is cool.

Myself, not to brag but it must be mentioned, am currently dating a clear skinned girl who is beautiful. I like her for who she is and she likes me for who I am. Sometimes I wonder if I should have hooked up with his girl and vice versa haha.

My point is that if you have acne, it's not the end of the world. Focus on other traits. Become a good person and don't let this shit get you down. Fight on, soldiers. I had acne so I hit the gym for a year and ripped up some muscles. My roommates girlfriend has acne but she is still very outgoing and a lot of fun to be with. Let acne bring out your better traits than skin. Let it motivate you to improve all other areas of your life.

Physical beauty fades but your views of the world don't. Ride the storm and be thankful for the experience on the other side. I mean, do you have any other choice?

Peace out,


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Guest T-Virus


He said Vagina.

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Guest T-Virus

Acne hasn't motivated me to improve other things about myself, but something else has :angel:

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