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Need a clear back by August!... stay the course?

In August i will be going to the beach with some very fine lady friends of mine, and obviously its very important that i have a clear back for the trip!

Ever since i staretd breaking out when i was 14 (im 18 now) my back was usually covered with small break outs and also a small handful of big zits every week. Since i stareted getting more serious about my acne/bacne a month ago, I have seen improvement in by back. I have had maybe 1 big zit and the smaller ones have shrunk in number (and size and redness). with a slight tan it is hardly noticeable. usually once a day i wash my back with prescription Prascion (sulfacetamide 10% and sulfer 5%) and cover my back with benzaclin 5% bp. i've had improvement, but Im def not where i want to be.

my questions are should i stay this exact course? or should i start to add somethign like Alpha Hydrox Enhanced Lotion that dan recommends? start washing twice a day? does moisturizer help with the bacne, even if i dont have dry skin?

Is AHA something that could make me break out alot when i start using it? bc i def dont want that!

also.. when i apply the bp i can always see dirt clumping together as i rub it in, even though i scrubbed by back pretty well in the shower? whats should i do?

sorry for so many questions!

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Since your current regimen is working so well and you want to remain clear for your August trip, I wouldn't change anything until you get back from your trip.

Once you return, you could try the AHA or gentle manual exfoliation and see if that provides the final clearing you need. AHA in the form of 10% glycolic acid did cause an initial breakout for me. It wasn't severe, but it sure wasn't something I enjoyed.

I doubt that you're seeing 'dirt' clump up when applying BP. You're most likely seeing dead skin cells that are removed with the rubbing during application of BP. So that's good news! :)

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