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I'm no longer part of the "club".

My acne is still pretty consistent, but it is mostly whiteheads (about a dozen or so) so with a good layer of cosmetic on, and in the right light, I actually look reasonably clear.

However, I've realized more and more lately, I am getting less and less "eye crawls" over my face, and less sympathetic glances from the other half of the population. And people with acne don't seek me out anymore. I'm shunned by them.

I guess this is good news to me, though. xD

Has anyone else noticed a difference in the way people treat you/interact with you now that you skin has cleared up a bit?

Sorry if I sound like a smug arse - I'm still terribly self-conscious, and I'm grateful for the positive change in complexion (and I'm sure this is just a hiatus for my acne, and it WILL be back in droves) - but I feel like I'm no longer part of the acne populous, and my observations thusly are curious.

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Wow ppl with acne actually sought you out just because you had acne? That's interesting. That has never happened to me.

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Well, it's a look they give me. They'll make eye contact because I'm safe. It's this, "Oh, she's one of us, so she's okay," look.

It's hard to explain. I don't exactly have an entourage of acne'd friends, but they tend to be more extroverted around me.

I'm really not explaining that right. xP

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Naw people treat me the same, whether my face is clear or not

Well, guys still don't hit on me (not like I WANT them to, as I AM married) but they gladly hit on my friend who has a lovely rash of acne as well as a bountiful, overflowing bosom which she is more than eager to show off in low-cut blouses.

I haven't noticed any positive changes since my skin decided to go to whiteheads instead of all papules.

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