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El Sol

Hey check this out, you don't need to take b complex w/ b5

Found this on Drugstore.com / GNC.com article they wrote explaining what the B vitamins are and the B complex. Here's an exert and the site w/ the article is on the bottom.

Human requirements for members of the B-complex vary considerablyâ€â€from 3 mcg per day for vitamin B12 to 18 mg per day for vitamin B3 in adult males, for example. Therefore, taking equal amounts of each oneâ€â€as provided in many B-complex supplementsâ€â€makes little sense. Furthermore, there is little evidence supporting the use of megadoses of B-complex vitamins to combat everyday stress, boost energy, or control food cravings, unless a person has a deficiency of one or more of them. Again, contrary to popular belief, there is no evidence indicating people should take all B vitamins to avoid an imbalance when one or more individual B vitamin is taken for a specific health condition.


If you want to read the whole little explanation just click the link.

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I believe that, if you take as much as 7-8 grams of B5 a day, you must ram up the B-Complex along with. Even if that makes you take only 1 pill of Complex per day, instead of nothing

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It's basically saying that it doesn't make sense to take more of each b vitamin just because your taking more of b5 for example. It says that the body needs different mg of B1 than B2 and less B2 than B12. Using as example. So if you intake more B5, it doesn't necesarily mean that you have to take a b complex to raise the other vit. B intake levels. Read it again. if you don't get it.

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