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No More Acne, Still Depressed & Anxious

Since Accutane my acne has been gone for several months. Occasionally a zit here and there. But I am now upset about my dry skin/eczema. It's slowly getting back to normal. But my skin is still so sensitive I get rashes from the slightest things like clothing, towels, itching an itch, sitting, rubbing against something like a seatbelt.

But I know that will go away in another few months (hopefully). What really has got me depressed is the quality of my skin. The texture and thickness has gone to shit. Partly from topical steroids I used on accutane. Partly because I'm getting into my late 20s. I've noticed stretch marks on thighs, groin, butt, hips, and flanks. The skin on my inner arm is thin and I can see all the blue veins. There are tiny stretch marks there too. Worst of all I see little lines under the skin where it looks like the skin is ready to fall apart.

I also have patchy hair loss all over my beard from a laser. I'm so upset I want to get fraxel all over my body. At high settings to try and make it like when I was a teenager. I used to have perfect skin. I used to get in trouble for running around naked at school, work, sports, vacations. Now I don't even leave my house. Getting old sucks!

I feel so vain, because I know there are people out there with burns all over. Paraplegics and people with crazy diseases. But I wish there was a way to prolong the beauty of youth. It would make life so much more tolerable. Think about it. Most aging is apparent in the skin. I wouldn't mind if the rest of my organs aged appropriately as long as I could have a teenager's skin and hair until the day I die.

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Yes I like my jawline, lips and eyes but what does it matter when my face is like this and people hate me because of my attitute

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