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Question about whether BP will help or not (whiteheads have faded)

Hi, I have a question about whether or not the BP regimen is going to help me or not. About two months ago my skin started breaking out into a group of whiteheads on my cheeks. Since then I was prescribed Duac gel and Differin. The good news is that the differin seems to be very effective and I am not getting any more whiteheads or marks. Now they have all spent 2 or more weeks fading, and what are left are little reddish marks about 2-3 mm wide, some are paler and others are a slightly darker shade of red. Given that it is the middle of summer, I am wondering whether the regimen will help me enough to make up for the redness it will cause or whether the BP is best suited for currently active pimples and spots.

I don't have a camera with me where I live now, I will try to borrow one, but I think I can describe my situation fairly well: About 5-7 moderate whiteheads have spent 2 weeks-1 mo fading, and now they are not elevated over the skin, just red marks. The differin I have been taking has seemed to be very effective in prevention, so that is a big positive. I am wondering whether BP will be effective on these former whiteheads, or whether it is more effective in dealing with pimples that are currently forming and at their largest size and raised over the skin, if that makes sense. Because it is summer and I play an outdoors sport I want to avoid using BP + duac several times a day if the post-whitehead marks arent best treated by BP, if that makes sense. Thanks a lot everyone.

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BP is for active acne and preventing inflammatory acne, not helping old acne marks though. If you get any red bumps, BP is good for preventing those if you use enough of it for a long enough time. For skin colored whiteheads, not quite as much. Duac actually IS a 5% BP gel with clindamycin in it, so you're already using BP, perhaps not in the way Dan recommends for the regimen though.

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