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I finally found a estitition that helped me.

The reason I went in was specifically to improve the blackheads on my nose and bags under my eyes. Those are only two things I REALLY want to improve on my face. The only other things that I notice are a few sun spots, acne spots, large pores on cheeks and a few scars by my eyes caused 10 yr old girl beating me up when I was two. . I don't really feel like these test addressed my promary concerns, but it's nice that I'm getting something done.... I have spent years trying to find a derm/estitition that would help me.

Here's what pic tests results were:

Spots: 53

Pores: 147

Porphyrins: 73 (All covering my nose)

Wrinkles: 5 (The test didn't account for the hard bags under my eyes)

Texture: 194

UV spots: 31

She recommended Vibraderm Microdermabrasion. I am not familiar with that that does or how much it costs. I asked about price and how the results last and she wouldn't really answer. One person I know said it costs around $200 and lasts about 3 months. Not bad...

I've been using my in-home microdermabrasion kit and I've seen wonderful results after just a few weeks. If I extract the clogs and use that kit every 2-3 days along with my regular regimen, my blackheads ACTUALLY STAY GONE! I can't believe the only thing I was missing all these years was consistent day-to-day exfoliation. The estitition said that in-home kits are good for maintanence and will improve the skin somewhat, but real microdermabrasion would help me achieve MUCH better skin..

I just wanted all of your thoughts. Do you guys think this is right for me?

Thanks in advance!

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Oh, she said the only thing that would improve the valley under my eyes would be a collagen injection. She said those are around $900 and last about 9 months. That's the same price the other estitition I spoke to last week quoted me.

So, $100/month to get rid of the valley under my eyes? WHERE DO I SIGN UP?!?!?!

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i have bad bags under my eyes no matter what maybe ill look into this too ^^ haha

what is your in-home microdermabrasion JakeD?

Yeah. The estitition had it done and she looked 100% times better. I saw her before and after photos. I'll do it eventually for sure.

I'm using the Neutrogena in-home microdermabrasion.

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I concur with JakeD. I used to just use chemical exfoliants on a daily basis. When I recently added manual exfoliation, I noted much less breakouts and a minimal improvement in blackheads.

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Congratulations JakeD!!!!! :) I'm so glad to hear of your success with improving your skin. Isn't exfoliation incredibly wonderful? :) Yay!

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