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In short:

- had a 3 days 2 nights chalet last week.

- I removed my makeup at night and exposed my bare nasty skin to all my friends, 2 new friends and my guy.

- Uncomfortable, yes.

- But wasn't really thinking about my skin the whole while, just enjoying myself.

- IMO, they weren't much concern about it too?

- Probably just thinking "aw, she's got bad skin" and continued with our activity.

- I was starring on the floor when my guy and i were alone in our room.

- I had not much guts to look him in his eyes.

- Because i was afraid how turned off he would get if he saw my condition.

- I kept urging him to dim the lights, but he kept asking me why when he was trying to tidy up the room abit to prepare for bed -.-

- I was not bothering much after awhile. Coz it got tiring.

- My thought was since we're a couple now, he's gota accept me for me (though i know very much, he really likes me for me) and vice versa, so i just heck cared for the 2nd night and it was all good i guess...

- I went to stay over at his house the following nights.

- Not exactly concerning much about my skin =/

- Staying over at his house for the 1st time = exposing my bare skin to everyone in his house -.-

- BUT i wasn't abit uncomfortable.

- I don't know how his family sees me (regarding my face) but i felt really comfortable...

- I met up 2 of my friends after that.

- One of them said to me...

she: i want to ask you a question. it's not a criticism or what, just...do you take care of ur skin?

I: Oh. Ye, but i didn't bring all my products along to the chalet and my guy's house. So it sort of went hay wired ...

she2: Judging from before, your condition is alot better now

I: Ye. Right side is always better. It's always the left side that's got problem

- I wasn't really concern about what the 1st girl said.

- Maybe coz i looked pass it since my guy ain't concern much?

I guess sometimes we just think and worry too much. We just need to let go bit by bit as we face problems. Like i wasn't totally relying on makeups to cover up my face because the truth is I HAVE GOT SCARS AND ACNE. Nothing can truly hide it. And because i ain't totally relying on makeups, it is easier for me to let go bit by bit that ACNE IS WITH ME, I HAVE TO ACCEPT IT, OTHERS HAVE TO ACCEPT IT TOO. And i'm doing it slowly for the many times since i got acne for a gd 6yrs now.

ps: I can't believe i didn't use acv at all for the whole of last week. And i think because i didn't sleep regularly for the whole of last week, my acne flared up again. It is totally nasty right now. Lots of pimples along my jaws. I GOTA FIX IT! And get rid of those panda eyes as well :S:S:S:S:S

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Yes, you are right.

When ones confidence exceeds his carenessness of his acne problems - people stop noticing and don't pay as much attention, because the other 90% of you is simply stunning.

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