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Dan, I have a question for you.

Hey Dan....

I started using your regimen a few weeks ago. So far, it is working better than anything I have tried. THANK YOU for making these wonderful products for us all.

I am following the regimen in my signature (see below).

I will be modifiying that by using your moisturizer when it comes out in place of the Cetaphil at night. I really don't like the Cetaphil...it's too thick and greasy.

I am going to keep my AM moisturizer only because it has SPF 15 that I need with the medications I am taking. Unless your's contains SPF...does it?

My Question To You:

Even though I am weeks into the regimen, I am still experiencing minor breakouts (NOTHING like before, just a few pimples here and there). Using my previous regimen the same thing happened just much more than with yours.

I was using Queen Helene's Mint Julep Masque 1-2 times a week to take care of this. It seemed to take care of the pimples and dry up any oil and leave me relatively oil-free for the next few days.

Should I use the QH Mint Julep Masque 1-2 times a week in combination with the regimen, or just try using more AHA lotion?

Thanks Again for the regimen, it has helped tremendously. I am anxiously awaiting the moisturizer after reading the mod's reports of the sample. And, of course your own AHA lotion.

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Based on what he's posted, Dan's non-SPF moisturizer should be out soonish unless unexpected problems come up, but the SPF moisturizer isn't happening for a while. You can, of course, use a non-SPF moisturizer (Dan's upcoming one, your current Cetaphil, or anything else) and follow it up with a separate sunblock (I recommend Neutrogena Dry Touch Ultra Sheer Sunblock). For non-SPF moisturizers, I really like both the Complex 15 ones. They're very basic, not thick at all, and feel very gentle and soothing to my skin. Since you have oily skin, I think you'd like the Complex 15 lotion much better than Cetaphil.

Are you using the mask just to dry up spots, or all over your face? In my experience masks have fun to do, but haven't really helped my acne any more than any other drying spot treatment would have like 10% BP. The irritation and dryness from the mask might actually be making your acne worse. It's too soon to say, small breakouts are normal at the point you're at now, but I think the best course of action would be to cut out the QH mask for now, give the regimen some more time (I generally recommend 3 months from starting as a fair trial), and see how things work out. Once you're clear and happy and have those random breakouts under control, then you can experiment and add in the QH mask to see if it helps more or harms. I don't think you need to change how much of the AHA lotion you use, just put the mask away for the time being.

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