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Minomycin (minocycline) log

Ok here it goes.

I am currently on track to get back to the clear skin I had only last year. I had acne pretty much from 2001-2005 and after a steady attack with Retin A and Minocycline it dissapeared and I thought it was all good.

But I was wrong, and I let it go :naughty:

Now I am not that great, got a decent batch of pimples on my forehead mainly on the left side, some along my mid cheeks and the odd one around my chin (might get pics up when I shave hehe).

I managed to get a fresh prescription of Minocycline and Retin A and I am taking 100mg of the Min and applying Retin-A at night.

I am 23.5 days through my first month of Minocycline and it has done good especially on my cheeks but my forehead is being more resilient.

I have an appoitnment to see my derm on the 18th July as I haven't seen him since last year and hopefully he can fast-track my treatment somehow.

My skin isnt that happy at the moment, its kind of itchy in some places and sometimes sore and dry. But overall its adapting to the treatment. From what I remember (it was a while ago) it was like this as well last time I did it.

Ok now to the actual regimen (work-in-progress) which needs work:


Wash face (at the moment I use Clean and Clear Oil Free acne wash with Saylic acid)

Take Minomcycline after breakfast

During the day:

Apply icepack every few hours to help with the swelling


Take Minomcycline after my afternoon meal like 8pmish

Wash face with acne wash again

after my shower I apply Retin-A

I am thinking of using Neutrogena deep clean gentle scrub to help unclog the pores probably in the morning?

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Here is my facewash the Clean and Clear one.

I am using neutrogena deep clean scrub as my exfoliator until I have time to get something better!

Things to buy:

- Acne specific suncsreen, I dont have to go outside much but it should still help

- Clean and clear moisturiser - should help with the dry skin

- I am planning on getting some fish oil ASAP.. not sure which ones are good in Australia, I have some research to do :)

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I decided this can be the official day one, even though I am really 24 days into my first packet of Minocycline. It is much better than before I started thats for sure. I was actually using Retin-A again about a week before the Min so I am about a month into that.

This combo rocked especially for my cheeks and chin, and improved my forehead but its still not that good yet (though it was the worst area). I think my forehead broke out a little but otherwise it actually diminished existing acne more than anything, so it cant be long now before it kicks in and gets rid of it all.

Anyway, I have done my routine bit randomly today except for the Min, washed face in the morning, exfoliated after last meal (8:30pm) and in a couple hours I am going to apply Retin-A. Still looking for good products but I will get into a steady routine probably tomorrow onwards. I haven't been consistenly exfoliating but I think it leaves my skin feeling better (mild, non-acid one).

I will also upload some pics so I can do the whole before and after shots.

The only problem is shaving, i am going to shower in the morning now because I cant shave and then apply retin A again, it burns as I was "lucky" to find out :shifty: . That means I wont want to shave and then use acne wash or anything. So when shaving I will just apply moisturiser in the morning rather than a wash on those days.

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My skin is much nicer today, I think the combo of shaving after a few days + exfoliator + aloe really helped and its nice and smooth + soft which is good as it has been dry and flakey the last few days (didn't do retin A last night only aloe!).

I think that my regime has finally started to take form:


shower and then exfoliate

acne wash


Min tablet

apply susncreen if going outside

(If im shaving then ONLY aloe and Min tablet)


Min Tablet

wash face with warm water

Retin-A before sleep

I am going to add my 24 day in pics to the gallery, they aren't that great but I will take better ones in a couple weeks for a comparison.

Its all under control :)

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Pics are up in the gallery :P

I keep updating every day at the moment as I keep changing my regimen.

Today I bought some Natures Way 1000mg fish oil capsules so I am going to start that from tonight onwards as well as some supposedly good moisturiser.

New routine, I am going to cut some of the stuff I was using.. kind of like less is more. Of course the Minocycline and Retin-A are the basic stuff that I will use every day.


Minocycline tablet 50mg

Fish oil capsule

Neutrogena exfoliation

Either Moisturiser OR Sunscreen depending on whether I am going outside and how soon


Fish oil capsule

Face wash to get rid of susncreen residue


Minocycline tablet 50mg

Retin-A cream

Fish oil capsule

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Just a quick update that from day 3 onwards I cut a lot of stuff from my regimen...

I basically thought adding too many things was overkill for my skin.. last time I cleared up using ONLY retinA and Minocycline without worrying about other things (as I didnt know about them) so im applying that here.

From day 4 onwards it has been:


- When shaving (every 4 days because I dont need to be clean shaven), thats all I do, just wash my face with water and shave and then apply nivea for men sensitive skin aftershave

- When exfoliationg (every 4 days but it is always 2 days after shaving to give my skin a break), that all I do, i use the neutrogena facial scrub in the shower in the morning

- Every other day, i just use the clean and clear acne wash after my shower

- 50mg Minocycline


- 50mg Minocycline

- No matter what night all I do is wash my face with water and apply Retin-A cream before bed

I am also taking Fish Oil but not enough yet to attribute any benefit to it.. I am yet to start the 3mg a day dosage.

I started my second packet of Minocycline yesterday so I am into the second month. I will post pics again so its around 1 month after the ones already in my gallery to have a comparison but it is working so far :dance: *touch wood* lol

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