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Need some help with flakes

I've been on this regimen for a year and a half now, and i still struggle with flakiness around the mouth area. I just started using lachydrin 5 and use dan's cleanser and BP. I bought some jojoba oil but i really don't want to add yet another thing to the regimen. I used it once and i got some little whiteheads. Is this an IB and should i continue using it or no? Also, when do i put it on my face? Help would be much appreciated. Any suggestions are welcome.


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You really shouldn't be flaking anymore after being on the DKR for so long, so let's get it cleared up. A couple of suggestions which should help:

-The jojoba oil. I've seen a few people report tiny pimples after using it, so it IS possible it'll break you out, but I suggest trying it out for a week or two. If you can start using it without any negative effects, this'll probably end the flakiness completely. Jojoba is a life-saver for me.

As for how to use it, refer to this thread.

-When rinsing your face, don't use water that's too hot. In fact, mimimize the amount of water you put on your face. If you can rinse your cleanser off with two splashes of warm water than do that. Water dries out skin quite a bit.

-When applying your moisturizer, open your mouth wide and apply lots of moisturizer on the sides where it flakes. I know this seems a bit silly, but this'll prevent the flakes from suddenly appearing during the day when you open your mouth.

-Once you start using jojoba, do the same thing as above, but using jojoba oil.

Usually, we recommend people ease-up with the BP, but I think after being on the DKR for the time you have, you shouldn't have to. Good luck.

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thanks a lot !

I did think that you were supposed to mix jojoba with your moisturizer though?

You can do it either way, but I like the applying jojoba oil before applying BP method better than mixing jojoba oil with moisturizer. If mixing doesn't cut it, try using it alone before BP. I find that by massaging the jojoba oil in, I can loosen a lot of flakes without bothering my face, and your face won't feel nearly as tight when the BP dries.

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I've found Neutrogena Healthy Skin face lotion to be the only thing that controls flakes for me over bp. They make it in an spf, night time, and sensitive skin version. I am currently using the night version for both day and night. Lac Hydrin 5 never really controlled flaking for me.

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