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a few accutane questions...

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i have a few questions about accutane...

I have severe acne on my back, and some on my chest and arms. I've heard a lot about accutane clearing up facial acne.. but not much about body acne. Does accutane help to improve this as well ? Also, will it make my back and chest dry out/ get flaky like what people say what happens to their faces?

I'd just like to add, i was VERY hesitant on trying accutane, until i found this website and i saw how many people suggested it. After reading a bunch of testimonials, etc. I realized i had a HORRIBLE derm (an old man who always seemed completly out of it.. ), so i stopped seeing him.. the next lady derm i talked to said i need to get on accutane ASAP. Thanks a bunch for the awesome blogs, etc.. i wouldnt have moved on without them :)

i'd love to hear any suggestions and if anyone knows any more info on body acne/accutane. I'm taking 40mg Roche Accutane.

have a good night :)

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Hi there! Accutane will work on all your sebaceous glands and on all the skin over all your body.

I had clearing on my face first. Some report clearing on their backs first. In the long run, a great majority of people experience resolution of all acne on the body. I did, even on a shortened course (two - three months as I had to have emergency knee surgery and thus stop the Accutane).

Your facial skin and lips will be REALLY dry. Some people experience flaking lips, peeling lips, bleeding lips due to the dryness. It can be treated. People praise Aquaphor and Lubriderm and Eucerin. I think I used Eucerin, and a vaseline product for my lips. It worked but you have to apply generously and frequently! Don't be scared to slop the moisturizer on.

Most experience less dryness elsewhere on the body, but some do report having to use moisturizer elsewhere. If you're female, you might even experience some vaginal dryness.

Congratulations on starting Accutane. Here's wishing you clear skin!

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Wynne is right on. We mods love her because she always knows what she is talking about! :)

Be sure to visit the Accutane advice thread pinned at the top of the accutane forum. That will tell you a whole lot!

Good luck! Congrats on getting your prescription and a derm who knows what she is talking about!

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Thanks for your reply. It was very helpfull!

It's nice to know that others take the time to help eachother out on this message board :)

any other ideas/suggestions.. please let me know.

have a good night!

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