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Questions for newbie about Vitamin B5

Ok Im gonna be starting this tommorow. I have done ALOT of research on it, so I know how it works and etc.

Only thing is...Im worried about the initial breakout. My acne right now is light. Only 1 pimple exsisting.

I read that it is recommeneded to take 3-4grams of B5 to start for the first 3 days, then to go up to 10grams and take that for the first 3 months.

But if my acne is very light, and mainly consists of scaring and breakouts...is 10grams needed?

Plz help from exp B5 users

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my acne was sever at one point when i started b5 my acne was mild -mod

i started out with 3 grams a day for the first 2days and i take 6.5 or 7 grams a day now i never got an intial breakout its been about 3-4 weeks and ive gotten one pimple in the last 3-4 weeks i blame that 2 massive exfoliateing and a shitload of icecream but its all good now im waiting for redmarks to fade and that one pimple on my right cheek its been working really well


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well my acne is very light and the last thing i need is a massive breakout from a pill I dont nessecarily need.

I think ill go on it, buti dont see 10grams needed for me. I'll start on 3 grams.

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what you are trying to swallow it???

man, b5 is an anal pill.

I'm just kidding.

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