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Okay, so I have been on the DKR for about three weeks. My acne has gotten a little better, and my skin is a little smoother. It was going better until my freaking hormones decided to revv up a couple days ago (uhh... they do every month... if you know what I mean...). But my skin is still wayy dry and is now getting rough! Aahhh! I've also noticed that it's terribly 'dull' now. for the most part, my skin used to be 'bright' even with the acne. I really hate this! When is my skin going to look GOOD?! >:( This is so irritating! I hate seeing anyone because I feel so ugggllly!! Agh! My mom is a hippy freak who won't let me take any oral medications. If this doesn't get better soon, I am going to make my dad make me a dermatologist appointment. Why isn't there some awesome magic cure for acne?! I HATE THIS!

Any ideas to make my skin bright again?! AHHHH!

... Stupid dull face... >:(

Oh, and my gallery is called "Cailey's Face >:(" if you wanna check it out...

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The dullness is from dryness and skin that wants to flake off but isn't loosened. AHA moisturizers do a wonderful job of restoring the glow back to your skin. You should wait until you've been using the full amount of BP all over your face twice a day for at least a week or two before adding in an AHA moisturizer, as they do sting a fair amount initially and you don't want to be adjusting to BP while adding in an AHA. I like Neutrogena Healthy Skin Face Lotion (night version) as an AHA moisturizer, but you could also try Lac Hydrin 5, which is well-liked here. The results from AHA product are gradual and by no means miraculous, but if you use an AHA moisturizer nightly for a couple of months, I think you'll see a difference in your skin's appearance--it'll help fade redmarks from old acne more quickly, and your skin will look brighter.

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You are naturally very pretty, alas the acne seems to be takin the life out of your face. I have a similar problem, but as a guy I guess its less of an issue for me...

The best thing I can reccomend is a protein mask, and or lemon juice (15 mins in the morning). Both help to rejuvinate the skin.

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