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Alright, I have two positive things!

number 1 : Saw my derm yesterday and she said my skin looks great. Even tho in my head i was like hmmm its looking better but i wouldn't say great :rolleyes: kinda makes you feel good to have someone say that tho...even if you don't think so..

Neway! haha

Number 2 :I told her my skin is so dry, and of course she wanted me to get this $40 doller moisturizer which wasn't even that big let me say. I desided not too.

But i went to walmart to get my perscription filled and of course coming from the derm, no makeup, Super dry faced... i was embarassed... wearing my sunglasses inside like some kind of badass rapper or something HAHAHA :lol::whistle: . So i gave the them my perscription and went on my moisturizer hunt, but before i walked away asked what they would recommend, for sensitive dry skin and they said Lubriderm...I'm thinking isn't that a dbody lotion? neway i went a looked for it, Its fragrance-free, and won't clog pores and derm recommended. So i bought a little bottle of it, its not expensive at all like $4...neway I put some on as soon as i got in the car and its AMAZING!! isn't so greasy or anything plus it absorbes very quickly, then before i went to bed i washed my face but some more on and then put my taz on, woke up this morning and my skin is glowing. Its so much better i can't even tell you. I really love this stuff!! Here's what it looks like..


hopefully it will work for someone else too, just sharing the love :D have a great day ya'll!

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