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Light/Laser Surgerty to heal marks after Peel

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Hi, I'm an African American male who had a chemical peel 3 weeks ago after trying to get rid of a couple of marks. It peeled and everything like they said it would and i thought it was just part of the process. After it peeled I noticed my face became darker than lighter than what they said. I would call them and they said that it is natural and that the chemicals are still working yet my face has been darker for the past 3 weeks and i recentrly saw my derm and he gave me some tri-luma cream. The only good thing about the peel is that my face is amazingly smooth and everyone says that yet I feel terrible about these dark marks that have been left from it. I looks sort of like i've been sunburned so I was wondering if a light/laser surgery would be the best way to get rid of it and would it be the quicker way. He told me to use the tri-luma for a couple and come back to him near the end of the 8 weeks but i'm an usher in my aunt's wedding that's 2 weeks awaya and I don't want to feel embarrassed or uncomofortable. Can anyone suggest a good light/laser surgery or if in fact I need one. I would greatly appreciate it because I just don't know what to do. :shrug:

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I thought chemical peels weren't effective on darker skin, I'm sure I read that on websites of clinics that do them. :confused:

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