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Need a place to start in order to get rid of your red marks from acne?

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No it doesn't, not in my opinion at least. BP actually makes marks more red and prominent. I only started using the AHA but haven't seen any effects yet.

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Guys I struggled with red spots for 2 years! Ugh, I tried everything I could get my little hands on and I'm telling you nothing worked like Lemon juice. Don't buy that fake lemon juice crap that comes in a bottle, get actual lemons and squeeze them in a little cup and every night after washing your face take a Q-tip, dip it in the lemon juice and rub it all over your face. It will sting at first but your skin gets used to it in about a week, I really wouldn't recommend watering it down unless you have SUPER sensitive skin, otherwise just put up with the stinging and redness (which goes away pretty quick) then moisturize. Lemon reduced the red marks about 80% in about 2 months, Hydroquinone and retinol creams had barely done anything in the 6 months that I had used them. The lemon juice had even worked faster than the 3 sensi peels I had. Trust me you won't regret it! I still use lemon juice and it's still lightening some pigmentation, I have also added a 30% glycolic acid peel (a home kit I ordered) which I use once a week. I would also highly recommend Glycolic acid, that stuffs pretty amazing too. At first it seems like it makes your skin look worse for like 3 days and then MY GOD you start to see the results and I've only done 2! Anyway this is what has worked the best for me guys, hope this helps! =)

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I do NOT recommend using steroids for acne. I was just recently on prednisone. I had almost no acne before starting it, and while on it, I suffered from the worst break-outs ever! I'm still trying to get rid of it all. Plus, if you look up prednisone, one of the side effects is acne...so I'm not sure why anyone would use steroids to treat it.

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