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Looking for some help and advice please

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Hey Guys!

How's it going? I just discovered this website last week and have found it pretty helpful, although it's a little overwhelming at times (Too much information!) I'm 22 and I've suffered from moderate acne since I was 14. Over the last few years, I've managed to keep it under control a little, though from time to time, I have horrible flare ups. Anyway over the last week I've had the worse flare up, ever...Lots of cysts, red lumps, whiteheads and alot of redness. It's really getting me down, but I'm trying my best to keep positive. I have a very good quality foundaton that doesn't clog up my pores, so when I cover up well enough I feel a bit better. Next week a friend of mine, a lovely guy is coming to stay with me, who I realllly fancy! erm, so yeah it sounds a bit dumb but I reallllly wish my skin would calm down a little and maybe the big spots dry up by the times he comes because I know otherwise I'll be hiding and ruin things :(

So on to the practical things. I've been on antibiotics, Oxytetracyline but recently it's had no effect, I get the impression I've become resiliant to it or something so today I went to my doctor (who is lovely) and said that I should have come earlier (I think I just started assuming, it'll have to get better itself) and she prescribed me Erythromycin and Differin Gel to apply once every night. She said the results have been proven to be impressive with the combination so fingers crossed. But I know the results will take along time, i'm on them for 4 months. I bourght Clearasil Ultra (that claims to reduce spots in 3 days), I know its harsh but I asked my doctor and she said that I have very greasy skin and so its fine to use..so my regime goes like this:


Wash face with Clearasil Ultra gel wash

Little bit of Neutrogena moisturiser

Dap on Clearasil Spot cream on spots

Breakfast - Healthy breakfast with fruit

2 tabs 250mg Erythromycin


Lots of vegetables, oily fis, natural ingridents

Evening Primose oil



Same as lunch

2 tabs 250mg Erthromycin


Wash face with Clearasil Ultra

Apply Differin gel

2 Litres of water throughout the day

So thats what's going on....Any advice, any views, anything that can help calm things, dry things up a little, just enough to give me enough confidence for next week...pleasssseeeee.

Thanks for reading this

Take care guys


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how is your progress going???

i started 400 mg twice a day of erythromycin a day before you did (and i just posted pics and i look way worse?!)

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